simple red lips

Not much to post here except that I'm so excited for Christmas! And I hope your holidays are full of love and laughter. :)
I like to simply wear red lipstick around this time of year. Red lips remind me of Christmas. I like little reminders of Christmas.
I use L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in British Red. It's reasonably priced and the color lasts a while. It's also the brightest red hue they have.
I usually pair it with C.O. Bigelow clear mint gloss from Bath & Body Works. I love all their different variations of C.O. Bigelow mint glosses.


  1. so vibrant and playful! so cute! :D

  2. that has to be the cutest beanie i've ever seen! :P you look beautiful honey :)

  3. You are gorgeous Kassi! I have British red and love it too! Red is such an easy holiday look it's a shame some people dont think they can wear it! Following your blog! xoxo Jolie

  4. ironically, i color tagged you ms. colour-up! please visit my blog and be color-tagged accordingly. ^^

  5. I came across your blog, and wow =D
    You're beautiful :]
    Do you take your own pictures or have someone else take them? They're amazing!

  6. Thank you everyone. You all are so nice!

    Juli: I do. I'm a photographer. So I started this blog just for funsies. :)

  7. Hello Kassia!

    I'm a follower/online friend of Jen's, and since she mentions you so much on her blog, of COURSE, I have to visit your blog to check you out! :D I'm following! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas filled with warmth, laughter, and lots of fond new memories to look back upon in the years to come! I love love LOVE the red lipstick on you! It really is your perfect shade! I'm still searching for a my HG red lipstick that would be able to complement my skin tone! Haven't fond one yet...but then again, I haven't tried very many to begin with! hehe :P You are gorgeous, and I love the feel of your blog! Very simple, clean, pure, and artistic simultaneously!<3