color tagged by jen

I was color tagged (where you list 7 things in the color you were tagged for) by Jen for the color green. :)

I just photographed some of my favorite things I packed and brought with me for Christmas vacation.

My favorite green dress

I adore this camera and the cute credit card size film

I've been learning to crochet. Green yarn and green crochet needle.

Calming chamomile tea to drink at night

Some delicious Cadberry Christmas candy

And of course my favorite green of all. The Christmas tree. :)

Since Eki and Jen were already tagged. I will just tag some of my new follower friends.
So if I don't list you because you don't have a link still feel free to do a color tag for purple. :)

I color tag
Breaking Rumours
for the color purple. :)


  1. hehe,thanks for the tag! and hello *waves* will do it asap.

  2. I don't remember if I already commented. Did I forget? Well everything looks so cute and dreamy!!! :D :D :D Thanks for doing the tag!

  3. And I LOVE that tea. i'm going to want some now hehe :]

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i can't find anything purple except for a dress and some eyeshadow =/