Today, I am doing a little Christmas give a way!

Win this set! Urban Decay's 24/7 Eyeliner Jack Pot

I'm doing a giveaway contest but here is the catch.

You must 1. comment on this post to enter and 2. subscribe to the blog but the most important part is to 3. tell me your favorite holiday memory or what Christmas means to you.

You can either leave your answer in the comments or even make a video or even take a photo for your answer! Just leave a link in the comments if you do make a video or photo for your answer.

The contest will come to a end on December 25, 2010. The winner will receive a package of Urban Decay Eyeliner Jack Pot after the New Year!



  1. What a great giveaway!

    I follow you via GFC.

    Christmas means slowing down for a couple days and seeing your loved ones. The food and gifts are just an added bonus!

    Happy Holidays! :)


    Kate Gene
    kategeneblog at gmail dot com

  2. Ooh this is a nice giveaway! I'm a follower of course! :)
    Fave holiday memory... I was 5 and all I wanted from Santa was a Wedding Barbie. I woke up that morning and found a fluffy white bunny in a cage along with a note from Santa that said, "A gust of wind made your wedding barbie fall from my sleigh, so I spotted this bunny while I was flying over the park... please take care of her for me." I guess my Mom couldn't find a wedding barbie so she gave me Tiffy instead. haha.

  3. thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    gfc name: gyc
    my favourite holiday memory is going to hong kong for christmas! it was amazing! so different from the UK but amazing nonetheless.

  4. 1. HELLO!! :)

    2. Already done!

    3. My favorite thing about Christmas is honestly seeing my dad. I rarely see him throughout the years, and Christmas is really the only time he has some spare time to spend it with me. Just one day of the year that I'm completely grateful for!

    yay, thanks for doing such a generous giveaway!

  5. Wow!! I love this giveaway! I have the zero but would love to try out different colors!

    already subscribe to your blog!!

    Christmas to me is time for sharing, and just being with your love ones. Although this year, I wont be able to see my family in midwest, I have my wonderful hubby and baby K in my tummy to keep me feeling loved! :0) and yup i am 7 months prego :D

  6. Oh man, I've been looking forward to a giveaway like this. ^_^

    I follow via GFC - KeysGoRound and my email is krystal{at}polishgalore.com

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I was 5 and we had just moved into our house that I now own. My parents had set up the Christmas tree in front of the windows and I snuck out after bedtime to look at it all lit up in the windows with the lights twinkling all over. My parents hadn't "had Santa" visit yet so it was so neat to just sit there in the calm and still and look at the lights.

  7. What a great giveaway!!

    I´m a suscriber to your blog, my email is azzamae@gmail.com.
    These days that I´m far away from family, think about how much I miss christmas traditions, So I to try celebrate the way I can. Having my personal christmas at heart.

  8. Awww, you're too nice~~~

    I follow through GFC, under seedchan.

    My favourite Holiday memory is actually a couple of years ago when my boyfriend and I spent our first xmas together. We just stayed home, made breakfast and played video games, but it was special because his house was DECKED OUT in decorations, haha.

    To me, Christmas is the best excuse to make gifts for everyone!

  9. Tiffy5:54 PM

    I follow as Lockheart and via RSS (but you probably can't see that).

    Best thing about Christmas is to see people get excited over their gifts. Best memory was the giant stuffed tiger you could sit on that I got for my baby cousin :)

  10. I actually really like gifting during the holidays because I looove wrapping presents. my favorite holiday memory is from last year. I flew to Chicago to spend it with my boyfriend and got to stay with him into the new year. there wasn't anything particularly special, we just went out to dinner and spent the night watching movies together. we're in a ldr, so it was nice just being able to spend the holidays with him.

  11. my favourite part of christmas is not only getting presents but buying presents for everyone else :) the joy of seeing my loved ones happy is the best feeling in the world!

    my favourite memory of christmas would be the first year that we put up the christmas tree and i must've been 13-14 years old, because i have never felt christmas spirit like that before :)

  12. I think Christmas is the time to be home with family (although I won't be seeing mine again this Christmas due to distance), having huge family gatherings with loads of food to eat! Also, an excuse to give gifts to people to you love even if they don't celebrate Christmas!

    Hope you'll have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. Well for me my favorite holiday memory was on christmas eve when i was about eight and my parents told me they were putting out hay and carrots out on the roof for the Reindeer to eat. I was so excited to see if the Reindeer would eat the hay!
    When I got up early in the morning I ran downstairs and threw open our front door and saw hay all over the place!! I was so happy! <3

    happy holidays!

  14. Oh fun, a giveaway!

    My favorite Christmas memories have to be the ones spent at my grandparent's house. I am the only girl out of 11 boys (my brothers and 1st cousins) so I always got billions presents! The poor boys would be lined up on the staircase waiting for their names to be called while I sat near the front door surrounded by boxes. The presents weren't always what I really wanted though. What 13 year-old girl wants to receive leopard print underwear from her aunt... not me. :) Either way, I couldn't complain. The Christmas' always turned out great for everyone.

  15. Thank you for this giveaway! I'm a follower on GFC.
    My favourite memory is when I was really young and my brother and I got both the Super Nintendo game console on Christmas day and each one of us got a game along with it and we played on it non-stop till we beat the games! (We jumped like crazy because we were so excited!)

  16. Hi, I'm a follower via GFC. my email is mloo88@hotmail.com

    My favourite memory was one of my first memories for Christmas. I really wanted a bike and I was so worried that it wouldn't fit on Santa's sled or it would get stuck in the chimney and my parents agreed with me! Therefore I gave up hope on getting a bike from Santa but to my surprise on Christmas morning there was a bike in the living room. It was purple with the funky beads on the spokes that make noise when you ride, handle bar streamers, and training wheels.
    I didn't even care that I had to wait till summer to learn how to ride. I used that bike so much... ahh memories!
    I love this giveaway idea! Thanks for letting me reminisce!

  17. I'm following under "Starlight" :]
    email: tomi [dot] colleen [at] yahoo [dot] com

    My favorite memory comes from one Christmas morning when my little brother and I were seriously stoked because we found an ash boot print on the carpet next to our fire place. Cold. Hard. Proof. ^^ When I just remember past Christmases and decorating our tree I feel so emotional.. @_@ Thank you for this giveaway Kassia! I always think its just more special when giveaways have another kind of element to them like this one.

  18. Enter me please :)
    I'm following, My favorite memory at christmas was back when i was 13 and on christmas morning i met my biological mum for the first time, we are so close now it was the best gift ever! :)
    Thank you! xx

  19. please enter me!

    for me christmas is coming home. I know it sounds very simple, but I live very far away from my hometown where my parents and my sister live. And also my dear friends who I've known since kindergarten. I can come home just one time per year, and thats Christmas.


    thanks for the giveaway^^

  20. Enter me :D I follow via GFC as Skellybones.

    When I was younger we used to have to spend our christmasses at my nan's house, as we lived in a caravan and couldn't really fit everything in there. I remember being so excited I couldn't sleep, creeping downstairs to peek in the living room at the presents, and staying up chatting excitedly with my brother and sister. Christmas is always magical when you're a child, and in a way I miss having that now I'm older D:


  21. Hello!
    My favorite holiday memory is going to my grandma's house on christmas eve and ripping open all the presents with my whole family. (:

  22. Hey! What an awesome giveaway!

    My best Christmas memory...hmmmm, I guarentee you will not find ANYONE close enough to my story, so here goes...

    It has to be last year, 2009 in Iraq. I woke up the morning feeling pretty depressed and bummed out that spending my first Christmas away from my family. As I was making my way to my office, I hear the jingle bell rock song from a distance, I thought I was hearing things, but no I wasn't, lol. Some of my friends decided to spread the holiday cheer to all the soldiers in our FOB and drove around in a humvee and on top of the gunners hatch with a 240B strapped on was Santa Clause, well actually it was my boy Beha, LOLOL. For that second, it reminded me of the yearly tradition my hometown does, every year I would see Santa Clause driving around in our local fire department truck as a kid. So there I was, from that moment I felt like a kid again. Even though it wasn't the best Christmas ever, it was the most memorable because despite me and my friends being away from our families last year, we stayed up pretty late Skype-ing them and being part of their Christmas. We also spend the night having a Christmas Story marathon, drinking hot chocolate and gathering around our compound with the rest of our Army family. We all stood around our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, (really, we chopped a piece of dead wood and made our own decorations, lol). It was so quiet that night in Iraq, I guess the Iraqis left us alone to celebrate, because we didn't get attacked that night, yayy! :D
    I remember thinking, even though I'm away from my family, I'm pretty happy to be spending it with some of the best soldiers in the world.
    This Christmas, means so much more to me than ever, it's such a blessing to be back home. But I'll never forget last years.

    Happy Holidays!
    SSG S.

  23. Enter me please!

    You have such a lovely blog and giveaway ^_^!

    The most memorable Xmas I have had was at age 9 spending the holidays...for the first time ever...in a place that had snow (my first trip to Tahoe)... and my very first WHITE CHRISTMAS! I still remember making snow angels ... snowball fights... and warming up by the fire place. =)

    I hope you have a wonderful Xmas too!

  24. 1. I love urban decay! I use their zero eyeliner, and I have two other eyeliners by them. I hope its not too late to enter! ><

    2.done :)

    3. My family never really spends christmas together becuase my mom always has to work during that day. I'm always the one who ends up cooking, and trust me..i cant really cook at all. :( So we dont have the typical christmas that everyone reads about in books and sees in movies. One christmas, after my mom came home from work, one christmas around 12:00 am my little brother ran upstairs and gave my little sister and i each a reindeer pen. He secretly walked to CVS after his tutoring class and bought it for us. i was so touched that my nine year old brother would think of something so sweet. At that moment, it really felt like christmas. its not about the presents, but just the fact that someone was thinking of you. :)

  25. Whooops forgot to post my email, magalulu03@gmail.com, hehehe ^_^

  26. me too :(
    *cross fingers* piggy.xD@gmail.com