The other week my boyfriend's mom Kathy came to visit me while I was recovering from having my tonsils out. Have any of you had the procedure done? Oh boy, it hurt but I'm all better now. Yay! No more yucky tonsils.

Anyways, she came to visit me and left a surprise!
A cute adorable surprise.

This is Missy. She is about 7 weeks old now. She's all white and she loves falling asleep on your chest and playing like any other kitten.
I definitely wasn't expecting to get a new kitty anytime soon but glad I did.
Missy was one of a bunch of farm kitties who had no home. So I was glad to adopt her cute little tush.

Yay for kitties. Love em'!

Change of subject from cuteness to make-up.
I always see gloss used to give eyeshadow some texture and I love the effect in magazines and beauty shoots.
I don't know if I would wear a glossy lid out and about but I do like it for photos.

I found that the gloss intensifies the eyeshadow color your lids and makes the colors more vibrant. I know you can't really tell I have gloss on my lids because they aren't super shiny but it's a nice textural effect.

I hope everyone is doing well this summer.



  1. your kitty is SO ADORABLE! aww and so white! she's gorgeous =]

  2. Love it! I so wish I could apply makeup...because I don't, I hardly ever wear any.

  3. omgggggggggg the kittennnnnnnnnn :D my cat is getting old. so i'm afraid when "that time" will come :[

    i never heard about putting lip gloss to add texture for eye shadow. wouldn't it bee kind of...gooey feeling on your eyes? lol

  4. look at that little monster!

  5. I love your self image photo. gorgeous!

  6. aww, congrats on your new kitten, Kassia!<3 :D I can't really tell that you have glossy lids, but you look absolutely GORGEOUS, as always. You are SUCH a beauty!!<3 *mesmerized* hehe I really adore your eye color...your eyes are just amazing! I like how I can see so much depth in them ^_~

  7. Aww too cute. I love my cat but a new kitten is calling out to me now!!

  8. Love that orange, what colors did you use?

  9. Jolie: Thanks! I'm not sure what the colors are called but I got the eyeshadow when I was in China a loooong time ago! The brand is called Red Earth.

  10. woah amazing makeup!! i love the orange colour; gorgeous on your eyes :)
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