winter is drab. time for aqua blue and golden hues.

I have had my Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box for a while and haven't used it.
So tonight I decided to do look inspired by cold colors of winter like blue and purple but add a bit of warmth with a golden shadow.

I used Fishnet (purple), Honey (gold), Ransom (blue/purple mix), Zero (black), and Peace (light blue) from the Urban Decay the palette.

I used Peace and lined the whole bottom of my eyes. Zero was used as a eyeliner since it's black for my top lids. Ransom, Fishnet, and Peace were blended together to fill my top lids.

Honey was used as a lighter color to highlight my eyebrows and I also used Honey on my cheeks and side of my nose for more definition.

I decided to use a yellow gel for one of my lights to add more warmth and color.

I am not a make-up artist or beauty expert. So please don't take this content seriously. This blog is just for being creative and having fun with make-up. :)


  1. You are stunningly gorgeous! Like Monica Bellucci but even prettier. Love the makeup too.

  2. Great make-up and i love your pictures. Who takes them? Are you using a tripod (stand) and doing it your self? Just wondering because they are great and look professional. I want to try that myself if so. Thanks...


  3. i LOOOOOOVE love love love your blog and your style! thanks for your sweet comment on tcc... i can't wait to add you to my google reader! (oh, and i made sure to become a facebook fan, too!)